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  • Fingerprint glass door lock with Tuya G190
Fingerprint glass door lock with Tuya G190

Fingerprint glass door lock with Tuya G190

  • Product description: 1,Patent clutch design 2,Double hook bolt 3,Stepping motor 4,Hole-free installation

Hole-Free Fingerprint Glass Door Lock

1,Standard functions:fingerprint,password,IC card,doorbell function,auto locking,easy
installation without opening back cover,bluetooth
2,Optional function: remote function,Tuya app
3,English/Chinese language system switch,built-in human invoice for guide,and volume
4,Double hook bolt design
5,Double protection motor: program+clutch design,double protection for motor and have auto
control devices
6,Attack protection: the system will be locked for 3 minutes after continious 5 false password
7,Design of virtual 3-14 touch anti- peeping password
8,Normally-on operation mode
9,Alluminium alloy alloy and ABS material
10,Andriod interface emergency power supply
11,suitbale door: glass door,framed wooden door,alluminium alloy door,sliding door


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