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  • 4K All-in-One Video Conference Webcam
4K All-in-One Video Conference Webcam

4K All-in-One Video Conference Webcam

  • Product description: 1) 2MP All-in-One Video Conference Webcam 2)Supports software such as Skype, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Fastmeeting, etc.

4K USB Full HD All in One Conference Webcam

*4K 8MP

*USB2.0 interface, Compacting all in one design, simply USB plug and play
* 112° Ultra-Wide field of view
* Horizontal 360°rotatable and vertical 30° adjustable up and down by manaul, can be used at multiple angles.
* 4.0Megapixels provides vivid video image and crystal clear audio quality for each of participants
* FHD Optical lens bring extraordinary video quality to enhance face to face collaboration.
* Integrated audio is optimized for small spaces, and delivers an exceptonal sound experience.
* The high fidelity Omni-directional microphone can pick up the sound in 3M and ensures the sound crystal clear.
* Compatible with any video conferencing software applications, such as Skype, ZOOM, GOTO Meeting, MICROSOFT Teams, Fastmeeting, etc


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